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Baby underwear
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Parents always want their children to be beautiful and lively, but the premise is to ensure that children are healthy and comfortable. Experts pointed out that brightly colored clothes often contain high amounts of lead, because they add a lot of dyeing materials, infants and young children have long been wearing colorful underwear, lead can be absorbed through the skin, easily lead to lead poisoning in children. Lead poisoning can affect the baby's gastrointestinal tract and tooth development, cause abdominal pain, and even affect the child's intellectual development. In addition, be careful of formaldehyde in clothing! Formaldehyde mainly comes from various kinds of textile auxiliaries. After absorbing formaldehyde, children will not only affect the liver, but also suffer from loss of appetite and other symptoms, leading to poor growth.

Experts reminded: When choosing a child's underwear, parents must not covet the clothing with bright colors. It is best to buy light-colored clothing that is white or close to skin color.

Clothes are all pH, especially chemical fiber fabrics should pay special attention to its pH. Because the human skin has a certain weak acidity, this can protect the skin and prevent bacterial invasion. Therefore, underwear is best to choose the PH value and the human skin pH is relatively close, if the PH value is high, it is easy to cause children's skin itching. In general, the pH value of knitted underwear tends to be high.