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Male Underpants Selection Tips - Stilt Panties
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Suitable for thick legs men

For the crowd: men with thicker thighs. For those who have thick legs, they can choose full-heeled briefs (ie, the two sides of the briefs open directly to the waist or the upper part of the cheekbones, less tied to the thighs). In the design concept of women's underwear, stilts are generally modified, so that the legs look a bit slender, but the sorghum in the men's underwear starting point is not in fact sexy, but to take care of the thick legs of men, relative to the boxer pants Loose, briefs will make this part of the friend feel compact. The rough legs are more likely to rub when walking. If you wear tight pants, the legs will easily make the blood circulation of the thighs worse, affecting the temperature and humidity of the scrotum, and choosing the high profile triangle will better protect the sexual function of the rough legs. . It will not cause friction and overheating between the trouser legs, it will not run freely and cause damage. Thick-legged men are prone to sweating. When choosing high-top trousers, do not choose pure cotton. The best choice is cotton content of 15% to 30%. At present, there are some modal, silk and other fabrics that can effectively perspire and dry faster.