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Male Underpants Selection Tips - Triangle Briefs Triangle Briefs
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Preferred for sports family

For the crowd: men who love sports, suffering from varicocele. Triangle briefs is a common pattern for everyone. Because it is designed to wrap the scrotum tightly, resulting in the scrotum area is not easy to heat, perspiration, so it was rejected by some people. However, for some people, triangular briefs is their first choice, for example, men with varicocele need to choose triangular briefs, and it is best to lift the body tightly, which can increase the scrotum and reduce the pressure of venous return. In addition, like the strenuous exercise friend, should also choose the briefs, especially has the specially designed sports underwear, it is the basic shape with the briefs, with the pocket, also called the bag underwear, is the sports underwear representative. The three-dimensional scrotal support design can completely support the scrotum and avoid friction between the scrotum and the inner thigh. The scrotum is also separated from the penis and has good ventilation and ventilation. It is the best choice for sports men.