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Maternity underwear
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Many maternal women know that breastmilk is much better than milk, and they also very much want to breastfeed their babies, but the lack of milk is indeed an annoyance for many mothers. In fact, in addition to a small number of congenital reasons, there are many external reasons, such as maternity underwear may be the main culprit.

First of all, clothes, especially underwear fiber, may invade the milk duct. Therefore, the new mother's underwear is best to choose pure cotton, and do not wear wool clothes directly outside the underwear. In addition, personal clothing should be loose should not be tight, too tight underwear will bind the breast, affecting lactation; underwear washed alone, to avoid contamination with other clothing; drying instead of dry, to prevent the growth of bacteria; separate storage, underwear is best put after drying In the special underwear storage box, prevent the fibers of other clothes from being stained; before each time you wear underwear, carefully remove dust, fibrous matter, and feathers on the inside.