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Menstrual wear underwear must be dedicated
- Mar 20, 2018 -

The adhesive behind the sanitary napkin allows the sanitary napkin to be firmly attached to the undergarment, but the glue will not be completely removed from the undergarment because of the washing. Some sanitary napkins with poor quality, too much viscose, are stained on underpants and can be touched by hand. Director Ho said that it was impossible to determine whether the glue was a harmful chemical substance, nor could it prove whether it belonged to the category of food safety. No matter what the substance is, it cannot be completely eliminated and it will directly threaten women's physical hygiene. Although there is no conclusive survey data related to epidemiology to prove that this kind of adhesive is the cause of the increase in diseases of the genitals of young women, he is very confident to say that she has been an expert in clinical work for more than 20 years. From the perspective of women's health sciences, such tips can be made. Not only that, out-patient clinics for girls who use nine out of ten clinics use adhesive pads when they have no menstrual period. Because the position of each pad of the pad will move, the viscous glue that has been cleaned in the future will directly touch the genitals. And these girls are vaginitis and vulvitis patients! Menstrual wear underwear usually do not wear; usually give up using a small pad with adhesive. Mycotic vaginitis wears disposable underwear.