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Often wears thongs to damage the health of women
- Mar 20, 2018 -

According to experts in gynecology, thongs, also known as T-shaped pants, are fashionable clothes that can fully demonstrate women's charm, and are particularly favored by many young women. However, due to the special design of the T-shaped pants, especially the lower part of the design of a narrow band of thick rope, it is easy to friction with the skin of the feminine perineum and other delicate parts, causing local skin congestion, redness, damage, ulcers, infections and other symptoms, thereby inducing genital inflammation Such gynecological diseases will also oppress the perianal blood vessels and increase the incidence of acne. At the same time, there are also some black-heart manufacturers in the sewing thongs, in order to make it more personal effect, the use of a poor breathability of chemical fiber products as raw materials, can easily cause skin allergies in women. So wear thongs should pay attention to wear time. Try not to wear Thongs for a long time. If you need to go out to work or go to work, go home and replace them with cotton and loose underwear so that you can rest fully and ensure normal blood circulation. Second, pay attention to clothing with. When wearing thongs, it is best to wear relatively loose outer pants and do not wear the same tight jeans. Also pay attention to changing clothes. Young women need to change their thongs every day to minimize the chance of genital inflammation. Timing is also very important, if you have a local illness or menstrual period, during the first two weeks of ovulation, should avoid wearing. In summary, girls should choose white or light-colored, loose cotton underwear.