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Wrong underwear washing method
- Mar 20, 2018 -

1.underwear do not put washing machine wash. Washing underwear is learned. Good underwear should be washed by hand, especially underwear with steel wire or steel ring. Do not wash or dehydrate it with washing machine. It will make your underwear severely deformed and it will also damage the material. And in the washing machine's process of stirring and rubbing, the bacteria, color, and shedding fibers on the clothes inevitably contaminate each other.

2.Do not wash all clothes together. Some people do water-saving when washing clothes, usually washing underwear first, then washing clothes, washing socks and other sundries, washing a bowl of water in the end, dirty and dark. Although this guarantees the cleanliness of some of the clothes, the pollution of the last-washed clothes is very serious. In particular, socks and women's undergarments are more harmonized and can cause genital diseases in women.