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Bra Fabric
- Mar 20, 2018 -

The conventional is cotton: very traditional fabrics, older people are highly accepted, comfortable to wear, and modal: Lenzing Modal is the most positive Modal, personal comfort is very good, skin-friendly , Moisture absorption and perspiration better than cotton, a silky feel, there are high-count combed cotton: it is much better than ordinary cotton and there are flax: flax fiber exists in the bast bast bast tissue, by dipping dip degumming to remove Part of the gum, so that the adhesive fiber bundles were partially loose, and then pressed into the hemp processing into "beating hemp", a process fiber composed of 10 to 20 single fibers. Due to its good hygroscopicity, quick moisture conduction, and relatively small diameter, it is one of the main fiber raw materials for summer clothes.