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Bra Size Calculation
- Mar 20, 2018 -

1. Bust size: Take the BP point (ie, bustpoint) as the measuring point, and use the soft tape measure to measure the fullest part of the chest one week, which is the bust size.

2, under the chest size: with a soft tape measure the level of the chest at the bottom of a week, that is, the size of the lower chest. (As shown below)

3. Determine the size of the bra: The size of the cup is the difference between the upper chest and the lower chest. According to the results of step one measurement, the cup size is determined by the difference between the bust size and the lower bust size. In general, the difference between the top and bottom in the choice of about 10cm A cup, about 12.5cm choice B cup, about 15cm C cup selection, about 17.5cm choice D cup, about 20cm choice E cup, 20cm or more to choose F cup.