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Female Picking Pants
- Mar 20, 2018 -

Can not choose too tight underwear

Underpants are worn too tightly, causing frequent friction with the vulva, anus, and urethra, causing bacteria in the anus or vaginal secretions to enter the vagina or urethra, causing infections in the urinary or reproductive system.

Can not often wear synthetic underwear

Mainly related to the ability to absorb sweat, chemical fiber permeability and hygroscopicity are relatively poor, will make the secretions of leucorrhea and perineal glands not volatile, resulting in a humid environment is very conducive to bacterial reproduction.

Should not wear dark underwear

Because of women suffering from genital inflammation, reproductive system tumors, leucorrhea will become turbid, even with red, yellow, these are the signs of disease. If you can find these phenomena early and treat early, you can get better results. If wearing dark or patterned underwear, the leucorrhea can not be found in time, it may delay the disease.

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