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Underwear Briefs
- Mar 20, 2018 -

1 try to hand wash

The inner wall of the drainage area of the washing machine is often covered with rags and dirt, which can breed bacteria. Inevitably, it will contaminate the underwear during the laundry process. The detergent used in dry cleaning is mostly tetrachloroethylene, which is also harmful to human health.

2 separate washing

Even when washing with a washing machine, the separation must also be separated. Each person's clothes should be washed separately. At least children and adults should be separated from each other; healthy people should be separated from patients' clothes; underwear and outer clothing should be separated.

3 after exposure

After the clothes are washed, they should be fully exposed to the sun in a ventilated, dry, sunny place. It is very important that bacteria are difficult to survive above 55 degrees Celsius.

4 regular washing machine

The longer the washing machine is used, the more frequent the laundry is, and the more mold spores hidden in the laundry tank, the more it adheres to the clothes, causing allergies and other diseases. When cleaning, it is best to use a special detergent, or you can use "soda and white vinegar" to clean.